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Three former Richard Totzke Neumünster (RTN) fitters founded J.A.G. Metallbau GmbH in 1996. With the increasing success of the company founders Jensen, Aktan and Guenter our staff has now grown to 30 employees today.

In the modern-standard production halls we achieve a vertical integration of over 70%. In combination with the directly connected office building, this makes it possible for us to react quickly to new situations.

From project planning to design to production, we keep everything under one roof. Our assembly teams, consisting of experienced fitters, complete our portfolio as an all-inclusive package.

Schweißzertifikat DIN EN 1090-2 bis 17.08.2020

Schweißzertifikat DIN EN 1090-3 bis 17.08.2020

JAG Halle 1
JAG Halle

Metal construction

In our three production halls, besides a complete black-and-white separation, we cover the entire spectrum of metal machining right up to surface treatment using glass bead blasting. Our experienced metalworkers and certified welders process:

  • Steel
  • - Stainless steel and duplex steel
  • Aluminium

Approvals and qualifications

Zertifikate 1090 in kleiner Darstellung: Fotoordner 2_Unternehmen/ Zertifikate 1090

Manufacturer qualifications:

  • EN 1090-2 EXC2
  • - Welding certificate EN 1090-2
  • EN 1090-3 EXC2
  • - Welding certificate EN 1090-3
  • DIN 2303 class Q1
  • - Other approvals upon request

100 years of experience

Founded over 20 years ago by three former Richard Totzke fitters, our company founders Jensen, Aktan and Guenter today have over 100 years of experience in wastewater plant equipment.


The many years of experience and the strong influence of our fitters are reflected in our products. We emphasise durable and low-maintenance products, which give the user lasting satisfaction.

Palm 1
Lutjenbrode 1

For the environment

We have subscribed to environmental protection and want to contribute to a sustainable future with our solutions. Our products are designed for optimum and energy-saving use. Competent problem-solving and application-optimised products are our core business.

Here you can find us:

J.A.G. Metallbau GmbH

Wendenstraße 9
24539 Neumünster


Phone: +49(0) 4321 - 9727-0
Fax: +49(0) 4321 - 9727-20
E-Mail: jag@jag-metallbau.de
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